Billsby Teammates

With Billsby, it is easy to add and remove people from your company. Using our teammates feature, you can add as many team members to Billsby as you'd like.

For the time being, all of your teammates will be granted the same permissions, the ability to assign different levels of access is a feature that we will be releasing very soon.

Add a teammate

To add a teammate, simply select your company name icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. Then, hit the 'Teammates' button to launch the teammates modal.


Here, you can input the details of the teammate you wish to add. Simply input their first and last name, followed by their chosen email address.

Once their details have been submitted correctly, we will send them an email inviting them to the team. The invite link will remain valid for 72 hours.


Viewing your teammates

Once you have more than one other person using the platform, you are able to view your 'Existing Teammates.' Likewise, if the email invite has yet to be accepted, you can see who is still pending in the 'Pending Invitations' section.


Removing teammates

To revoke the access of one of your teammates, simply locate the teammate in question and click the 'Revoke Access' button next to their name.

Please note that removing access for a teammate will not remove their access from any other companies you may have on Billsby.