Dunning and Failed Payments

With subscription billing it's inevitable that some customer's payments will fail for one reason or another. During this event, we transfer the failed payment to our dunning flow.

Each subscription invoice that is generated will go into the dunning flow, in the event of a failed payment. One-time charge payments will not go into our dunning flow.


Simply put, dunning is the process of communicating with your customers in the event of a failed payment. Communication progresses over a series of emails and payment reattempts that, if ignored, can eventually lead to the subscription being cancelled.

Declined and Failed Payments

An unsuccessful payment can happen for a number of reasons and it's important to put some automatic rules in place to make sure that it is dealt with appropriately. In Billsby, we differentiate between 'declined' and 'failed' payments so that you can set different rules depending on the nature of the payment failure.

Declined Payment
A declined payment occurs when the customer's card is declined due to incorrect details, a lack of funds or the card being marked as lost or stolen.

Failed Payment
A payment failure occurs when the customers card is declined by their bank for a reason that is not the customer's fault.