Checkout and Account Management

The checkout flow and self service account management menu available to your customers is flexible and completely customizable. Alongside the branding you configured in the brand customization settings, you can also choose what features are available to your customers in both checkout and account management. Likewise, you can choose your preferred business rules for account management, including the cancellation and retention steps your customers will be taken through.

Terminology customization

In Billsby, we use 'Product, Plan and Unit' to define how your product or service is offered, and to set the rules around pricing and payment schedules. Using these names as categories, however, might not sound right for your company, depending on what it is you offer.

Here, you can change the terminology we use in both checkout and account management, replacing the words 'Product', 'Plan' and 'Unit' to something that better fits the description of what you offer. For example, a gym might say 'Club', 'Membership' and 'Sessions'. Or, if you offer a bread delivery subscription you might use 'Membership', 'Batch' and 'Loaves'.

You're not limited to only changing the terminology for 'Product', 'Plan' and 'Unit', we also offer the ability to define a new name for 'Add-ons', 'Allowances', 'Setup Fees' and 'Subscriptions'. So if you're a gym, for example, you might want all of your add-ons to be referred to as 'Classes', or your customer's setup fee to be referred to as an 'Induction Fee'.


If you don't have preferred terminology for one or all of the customizable terms, you can leave the field blank and we'll continue to use our default terms.