The Customers page displays a full list of all your customers alongside their name, email address and customer ID. Each customer is labelled as either Active or Inactive, which encompasses one of the four states we have designated for plans:

  • Active
  • In trial (Active)
  • Paused (Active).
  • Cancelled (Inactive)

Newly created customers who do not yet have a subscription will also display as 'Active.'

To search for specific customers, simply use the search bar function. To view individual customers, click them to access their page which contains their personal data.

Adding a new customer

To add a new customer without a subscription, select the button in the top right-hand corner of the page labelled, 'Add a new customer'.

Enter the customer's basic details (name, email and billing address) into the modal and then choose whether you want to enter their payment details manually or to send the customer an email with a request to update their payment details themselves.

You can still add a new customer without providing payment details, but we would recommend always attempting to add payment details at this stage, otherwise you won't be able to add a subscription to the customer's account without getting their payment details first.

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