What's the difference between plan name and display name?

The plan name is to help you identify it while managing your account. Whereas the display name is the name that your customers will see when they are browsing your website/app.

Can I add a plan image?

Yes! You can upload an image to be shown to customers in the checkout and self service account management. In step 1 of creating a product, just hit the 'Plan image' toggle and then upload your image. Files must be a minimum of 400 x 400 in size and high resolution .png or .jpeg files work best - we’ll resize to suit.

Can I change the pricing model of a plan?

No, once you have created a plan the pricing model cannot be changed. If you need a new pricing model, you have to create a new plan.

Can I create a free plan?

By creating a zero value plan you can collect your customers card details and attempt to up-sell via add-ons or by operating a 'freemium' pricing structure. To add a zero value plan, it's as simple as putting a "0" in the value box when setting up a cycle.

How do feature tags work?

Feature tags allow you to manage your customer permissions. You can tag each plan with the features you want your customers to be able to access, then use our API to query the customers features, rather than their price plan.

For example, a gym gives free water to members on a premium plan, so 'water' would be a feature tag for that specific plan. You can read more about feature tags here. We have a video that explains all this too!

How do I delete a plan and what happens to customers currently subscribed to that plan?

To delete a plan you just need to find the plan you wish to delete in Products > Products, plans and cycles, and hit the red bin to the right hand side of the plan. Once deleted, your customers will no longer be able to sign-up to that plan - with immediate effect. Customers currently subscribed to this plan will retain the plan after the deletion, and the removal of the plan should be completed at account level.

Can I add a one off plan?

With Billsby, we specialise in recurring payments - so our product isn't really designed for one-off purchases. Although we are looking to add one-off add-ons in the future, for now, utilising the "One-time charge' feature is the only way you can add a one-off fee to a customer.

Once they've subscribed, head to the customer profile under Customers > Capture one time charge. Once you've input the amount and the reason for the charge, we will create a separate invoice for this charge automatically and bill the customer.

Can I change the price of a plan?

You can edit a plan by going to Products > Products, plans and cycles, and hitting the edit button to the right hand side of the plan. Here you will be able to change the plan details including the billing cycles for this plan. You cannot, however, change the pricing model of a plan.