Reviewing Billsby

At Billsby, we're proud to have the best subscription billing prices around. We've been able to keep our prices low because of business generated through reviews and referrals from places like G2.

What is G2?

G2 is the largest, most trusted software marketplace, allowing millions of people annually to make smarter software decisions based on authentic customer reviews.

To help us keep our prices low whilst building a better Billsby, we're asking Live users to please take 10 minutes to review Billsby on G2 today. And if that's not reason enough, we'll give you an additional month of free service when you review us on G2.

How do I leave a review?

Simply access the review from the confirmation screen after Going Live by clicking the 'Review Billsby on G2 today' button, or by clicking here


Please keep in mind that only businesses that have used Billsby within the last 2 years are eligible to leave a review. All reviews are assessed by G2's quality assurance team and will only be approved and posted if they meet those requirements. We can't offer you a discount unless your review has been approved by G2, and your Billsby company must be Live for us to apply it to your account.

How do I claim my discount?

After you've submitted your review, send us a screenshot of the confirmation email notification you receive from G2 stating your review has been approved with the date and your email address visible by clicking the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. The discount won't be added to your account automatically after your review has been approved. You'll need to reach out to us first.

Once a member of our team has verified your review has been approved by G2, we'll reach back out to you and let you know the discount has been added to your account.

The additional free month will only discount your monthly recurring plan fee. Address validation, automated tax calculations by Billsby, and revenue share charges are not included in the free month, so you'll be charged in arrears for these after your additional free month. Transaction fees from your payment gateway, merchant account, or any other third-party services are charged separately to Billsby fees.


Does my Billsby account need to be Live to claim my discount?

Yes, your Billsby account needs to be Live to receive the additional month of free service. Whilst your account is in the pre-live state, you wont be charged a service fee. But don't worry, If you've left a review before going Live please reach back out to us after you do and we'll be able to add the discount to your account.

What happens if my review isn't approved?

Unfortunately you'll only be able to claim the discount if your review has been approved by G2. If your review hasn't been approved you're able to submit a new one directly through G2 by clicking here or edit your existing review.

Why wasn't my review approved?

For a G2 review to be approved you must have used the product within the last 2 years for business purposes. G2's quality assurance team reads all submissions and can only approve ones that are deemed to meet those requirements.

To ensure product reviews on G2 are from legitimate users and that the product is used for business purposes, your review must be associated with an individual business email address or LinkedIn profile. Reviews associated with a personal email address such as '[email protected]' or role-based addresses like '[email protected]' may be flagged as ineligible, causing the review to be declined. Reviews left from inside the Billsby control panel are more likely to be approved as we're able to verify you as a legitimate Billsby user and business. But there's still a chance these reviews are not approved by G2's team for not meeting content quality standards. Check out G2's Community Guidelnes for more information.

Do I have to create a G2 or LinkedIn account to leave a review?

To post a review directly on G2's website you'll need an account however, if you access the review page from the Billsby control panel after going Live you won't be required to. Instead we'll securely pass your email address to G2 so that they can verify and post your review, as well as notify you via email about any updates regarding it.

If you have a pre-existing G2 account or want to create an account in the future, reviews submitted through the Billsby control panel will be attached to your G2 account and can be found in your user profile. If you have any concerns about how your data is stored or handled, please refer to our Privacy Policy as well as G2's Privacy Policy for more info.

I haven't received my confirmation email
If you've not received an email, it's best to check which email address the notification has been sent to. If you've created an account any email notifications from G2 will be sent to the email address associated with your account. If you've submitted a review from the Billsby control panel email notifications will be sent to the email address in your User > Edit profile menu.

If you've checked your spam folder and still can't find the email, please reach out to G2's support team.

Does my review have to be positive to be approved?

Not at all! Although we hope your experience using Billsby is a positive one, we value authentic and transparent feedback, which means collecting reviews of all types negative, neutral, and positive alike.

In fact, your review doesn't have to be long either, a couple of sentences for each question will do! After you've filled out the information about your organization, there's only 3 required questions asking what you use Billsby for, and your likes and dislikes of our software.