What are add-ons?

Add-ons are a feature of Billsby that allows you to add attachments to one of your plans - you can either charge for them, or include them for free. So for example, if you were a Software-as-a-Service company, you may have an add-on for extra users.

How do I create an add-on?

You can create add-ons by heading to Products > Add-ons. On this page, you can also take a look at more examples of how other companies utilise add-ons.

How do I link an add-on to a plan?

If you head to Products > Add-ons, you can add an add-on to one of your plans. You either need to create an add-on by selecting 'Add a new add-on' in the top right hand corner of the screen. In the add-on creation process step 2 will let you attach your add-on to a plan.

If the add-on already exists, simply hit 'Edit' on the add-on and you'll see a list of all the plans with the selected add-on. Just hit 'Add a plan' and you'll see all the plans that you can attach to the add-on.

How do I force an add-on with a plan?

You may wish to make an add-on a mandatory part of a plan. You can do this using the 'Force add-on with plan' toggle next to the plans you have selected to have access to the add-on. You can change this at anytime by heading to Products > Add-ons > Edit, and hitting the toggle beside the 'Force add-on with plan'.

Can I change the pricing model of an add-on?

No, once you have selected a pricing model, this cannot be changed without creating a new add-on.

How do I delete an add-on?

If you head to Products > Add-ons, you'll be able to see a list of all the add-ons that have been created in your Billsby account. Here, you can delete the add-on by clicking 'Delete' on the right side of the add-on.

If the add-on is linked to a plan, you must head to Products > Add-ons > Edit > Plans with this add-on. Here you must remove the linked plans and save your changes in order to delete the add-on.

What is the difference between add-ons and allowances?

The most prominent difference between add-ons and allowances is the way that your customers pay for them. Allowances, unlike add-ons, are billed in arrears based on how much of the feature was used in the previous billing cycle. This is different from add-ons, which are paid for in advance and are fixed.

If you open the Add-ons/Allowances pages on Billsby, (Under products, plans and cycles) we have outlined some great examples of how subscription companies utilise add-ons and allowances.

Can I add an add-on image?

Yes! You can upload an image to be shown to customers in the checkout and self-service account management. In step 1 of creating an add-on, just hit the 'Add-on image' toggle and then upload your image. Files must be a minimum of 400 x 400 in size and high resolution .png or .jpeg files work best - we’ll resize to suit.