Customer experience - Checkout

Can I add my branding to the checkout?

Yes, you can customize all elements of our interaction with your customers on the brand customization page in your settings. Head to Settings > Configuration > Brand customization and you'll be able to choose your own colors and typography so that your brand identity will appear on the checkout. This will help create a more native experience for your customers. You'll be able to see your changes in real time so that you can preview what this will look like in live.

Can I hide a product or plan from my checkout?

Yes, if you set the product or plan visibility to 'Hidden' under 'Advanced product/plan settings' the product/plan will be hidden from the checkout.

Can I change the order of my products in the checkout?

You cannot change the order of your products, they are listed in alphabetical order. You can, however, change the order of your plans.

How do I change the order of my plans in the checkout?

Locate the plans under the product you wish to re-order, then simply hit the 'Re-order plans' button. This will allow you to drag your plans into the order you would like them to appear in the checkout. Click the 'Update plan order' button to save your changes.

Can I show the details of add-ons and allowances that are forced with the plan in the checkout when a customer is signing up?

The details of any add-ons or allowances that are forced with the plan won’t be shown in the checkout, however, an “extra charges apply” disclaimer will be shown. You can include information about the forced add-ons and allowances in the plan description if you wish.

How do I show a summary cart in my checkout?

The summary cart allows customers to see and tweak their subscription during the checkout process which is great for complex plans. By default, the summary cart feature is turned off. To turn this on navigate to Configuration > Checkout and account management settings, and then under 'Show or hide features' you will be able to select this feature to be shown and then hit the 'Update features' button to save your changes.

Is the checkout optimised for mobile?

Yes! The mobile version of the checkout journey will have the exact same functionality as our web version, and any changes made to your checkout configuration or brand customization will also be shown on these screens.