How are SCA failures handled?

Each time you make a payment request in an SCA country, we have to ask the bank to authorize the payment following Secure Customer Authentication rules.
Whilst for recurring payments, the charge will usually go through without intervention, there’s a risk that the bank will request a security check. When this happens, the customer will need to go through the SCA process manually for the payment to succeed. In the event of a security check request causing payment to fail, your customer will enter the regular declined payments dunning flow.

Unlike a declined payment a payment failure caused by SCA is not the customer’s fault. Because of this when a payment fails due to SCA we’ll replace the current dunning flow emails with a set of bespoke emails providing your customer with information about the payment failure.

Can SCA be removed once it has been added?

No. Once SCA has been enabled on your gateway, it cannot be removed without deleting the gateway.

Why can't I manually add payment details to a customer ?

When your payment gateway is SCA enabled, you will not have the option to add payment details to customers manually, as 3DS2 authentication must be completed by the customer.

However, you will still be able to send your customer a payment details request link.