What currencies are supported in Billsby?

You can find a complete list of all of the currencies supported in Billsby here.

What is my base currency?

Your 'Base currency' is the currency you selected during the Billsby registration process. This is the currency that we'll charge you in and the currency that is displayed in all your financial reports.

Can I change my base currency?

Whilst your base currency cannot be changed post-registration it does not affect your ability to charge in multiple other currencies.

How do I add new currencies?

When you add a product in the Billsby control panel in a new currency we'll automatically add that currency to your list of 'Additional currencies'. You'll be required to link a payment gateway to your new currency so that customers can checkout a subscription in this currency successfully.

What will happen if one of my customers tries to checkout a subscription in a currency that does not have a payment gateway assigned to it?

The payment will fail and your customer will not be able to checkout the subscription until a payment gateway has been assigned to that currency.

Can I change the currency of a product?

No, once you've selected a currency for a product and saved this selection you will not be able to change it.