Dunning - Failed payment

What happens if a customer's payment fails?

With subscription billing it's inevitable that some customer's payments will fail for some reason or another. When this happens, we transfer the failed payment to the dunning flow you have configured under Settings > Configuration > Dunning and failed payments > Failed.

We'll keep attempting the payment every few hours until it either goes through, or gets transferred to dunning as a declined payment where we will then request a new payment card. You can choose at what point you want this to happen in your failed payments dunning settings.

How should I configure my hours until prompt/transfer for failed payments?

When configuring your 'Hours until prompt/transfer' for the failed payments dunning flow, you should take into account that its hours from the initial payment failure.
For example, if you wanted the 'initial payment failure' prompt to be 3 days after the initial payment decline, the 'hours until reattempt would be set to '72'

How do I customize the email sent to my customer when their payment fails?

Head to Settings > Configuration > Dunning and failed payments. Click on the 'Failed' tab to access the failed payments section. On the right-hand side of 'Initial payment failure' you will see a 'Customize email' button. Clicking this will allow you to customize the subject line and copy. You can also choose to configure BCC settings so that the necessary people in your company are alerted.