A cycle stipulates how often and how much a customer pays you. Plans can have one or many cycles to choose from, and you can determine the frequency of your cycles; whether they be charged on a monthly, annual or even a 32 day basis.

This is where you'll need to define the price of your product. You can determine pricing based on the frequency of payments, or you can even price your plans individually based on a tiered system.

You may want to offer a discount for customers who pay annually, or even monthly. In our gym membership example, customers are offered the chance to either pay on a monthly or annual basis, the latter of which offers a discount and only charges for eleven months rather than twelve. The discount acts an incentive for customers to commit to a longer contract.

Hidden cycles

You can create hidden cycles that are only available in certain circumstances, such as through the use of a promo code, or specifically available only to certain customers.

To achieve this, you just need to reference the cycle in the embed code for the checkout or in the API.