Discounts and Coupons

With Billsby, you can create and manage unlimited discounts and coupons. The two types of discounts we currently employ are;

  • Percentage based
  • Monentary based

You have the option to make these discounts either exclusive or stackable, and can choose whether you want to limit their access to new or existing customers, or to make them available to everyone and only limit the base plan instead. Alternatively, you could even choose to apply it exclusively to a customer's add-ons or allowances. The choice is yours.

For customers to unlock discounts, they will require a coupon code. You can create as many or as few coupons as you like. We support single-use coupons, multi-use coupons (with or without limits) as well as programmatically generated coupons by the API.

Coupons can be capped for the first X amount of customers who use it, or can be setup with expiry dates. You also have the option to delete them any time.

In future, we will add more ways to activate discounts. But in the meantime, we also have retention discounts available, which can be unlocked as part of the retention flow based on your choice of business logic.



What's the difference between discounts and coupons?

The discount is the deduction that a coupon will apply. This can be either monetary or percentage-based. You will specify which plans the discount can be applied to and whether the deduction will apply to the plan only or the entire subscription.

The coupon is the code used to unlock the discount. The coupon can be either single-use or multi-use. You will specify which customer groups are eligible as well as the length of the discount once it has been applied. You can also add an expiration date for the coupon to be used by.