Payment gateways

Which payment gateways does Billsby support?

Our currently supported gateways are:

  • Adyen
  • Braintree
  • CloverConnect
  • NMI
  • Payment Cloud
  • Stripe

How do I add a payment gateway?

In order to add a payment gateway, you'll need to have an account set up with a supported payment gateway. With Stripe, you can set up an account directly within Billsby but for all other gateways you will need to use their websites to create an account.

You can then add the payment gateway by going to Settings > Configuration > Payment gateways. Under the 'Add payment gateway' section, just click the '+' to the right of the gateway you'd like to add and enter your gateway details.

What is the payment gateway display name?

The display name you chose is simply what you'll see when you're managing your gateways and currencies. This just helps you to identify and manage them easily.

How do I replace a payment gateway?

To replace an existing payment gateway with a new one, navigate to the Settings > Configuration > Payment gateways menu, select the gateway you wish to replace and click the 'Replace' button. Then simply select a type for the new gateway and then connect it or provide the details. When you do this, the new gateway will be linked to any currency that the previous gateway was linked to.

How do I delete a payment gateway?

In order to delete a payment gateway, the gateway must not be linked to a currency. So you must link any currencies you have set up in Configuration > Currencies, to a different payment gateway. You will then be able to delete or disconnect the gateway in your payment gateway settings.

How many payment gateways can I add to my Billsby account?

You can add as many payments gateways as you like to your Billsby account. The gateway that will be used will depend on which one you have linked to the currency that you're selling your product in. You can configure this in Configuration > Currencies, and can switch the gateway that is linked to a currency at any time.

Can I use PayPal to accept payments?

Unfortunately, we don't currently support PayPal as a payment gateway. We know how popular this feature request is with customers. We really want to be able to support PayPal, but their new Subscriptions API puts significant limitations on what's possible. We can only create a small subset of the wide variety of products and plans supported in Billsby through PayPal's subscription billing API. We can't support - for example - allowances, discounts and coupons, API based changes to the plan (as there is a consent workflow) and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Why have you made 3 attempts at card verification?

Card verification attempts can be made up to 3 times. It's not standard practice that three attempts are made - most customers cards will be verified successfully the first time - but multiple attempts will be made if they do not go through successfully (customer entering in their details incorrectly etc.).
We would like to point out, that they are only temporary charges and will be refunded. Card verification is actually performed by your payment gateway, so it might be worth reaching out to them if this continues to be an issue.