Logs - Emails

How do I view the emails sent to customers?

All emails we send out can be found under Logs > Emails. Here you can see the status of the emails we've sent i.e. whether it has been delivered or failed to deliver. Simply select an email to view it.

Can I view the emails logs for an individual customer?

If you want to locate email logs for one particular customer, rather than filtering through the general logs, you can view the customer's email logs directly on their individual customer page under the 'Emails' tab. Here, you'll find the same information and functionality as in the main logs page.

Why is an email not available when I view it?

Emails are only available to view in Billsby for 3 days, after that time the email will no longer be available.

You can BCC yourself into any emails you would like to keep for longer than 3 days. You can do this by heading to Configuration > Email settings > Emails tab and then clicking to edit any of the emails. Scroll down and in the bottom right will be a 'Configure BCC settings' section where you can select to also send the email to your company, product or plan alert email. You can also do this with the dunning emails for declined and failed payments, found in Configuration > Dunning and failed payments.