Email Notifications

In Settings > Configuration > Customer Experience > Email Settings, you can define the emails we send to your customers, including those we send for specific events and during different stages of their lifecycle. You can choose where they are sent from and how you will receive replies.


In the 'Routing' tab you can input the email address that you want us to forward replies from your customers to, as well as any emails we send out. By default, this will be set to the first person in the company who set up a Billsby account.


We will check the records every 24 hours until the settings are in place and from then on, if you ever change your DNS, you must retain these settings or you emails will fail.


In the 'Template' tab you can configure your basic email template using your branding and custom elements.


Logo and colors
We use the same logo and colors for emails that you set up in your brand customization settings. If you want to change these, you can click through to the customization page and update them there.

Advertising space
We provide you with a 500 x 150px advertising space in all emails where you can display anything you like. This could be for promotional offers, events, new products, or anything else you want to let your customers know about. You can also provide a URL, so that we can link to your website or the relevant webpage where they can get more information. Note that if you are adding a URL to your advertising space ensure that the HTTPS is present. If you would rather not show any advertising then you can leave this blank and we won't show anything here.

Footer text
The footer text should just be basic text without any additional HTML formatting. You can, however, provide a link here if you want to. Updating this text will automatically update the template so you can see how this will look in real time.


The 'Emails' tab displays a number of options for emails ranging from subscriptions to invoices, as well as cancellations. By default, the emails for new subscriptions will be turned on, but you are free to turn them on or off for any of the emails that we have provided for you. The only email that you cannot switch off is for the one-time passcodes, as we'll need to be able to send this to complete the journey.


All of the email templates can be edited, although some are more customizable than others. The branding will be in line with your template and branding settings.

On the right, you can edit the email content and subject line. The content areas are colour coded so you'll see that the copy area with the orange heading is associated with content in the email with the orange border line.