Logs - Transactions

How do I view all of my company transactions?

All transactions can be found under Logs > Transactions. Here you can see the status of the transactions, whether it was successful, failed, or declined. Simply click an individual transaction for more details.

Can I view the transaction logs for an individual customer?

If you want to locate transaction logs for one particular customer, rather than filtering through the general logs, you can view the customer's linked transactions for an invoice directly on their individual customer page under the 'Invoices' tab. Click on the 'Linked transactions' of a particular invoice you'd like to show all of the logged transactions. Click on the individual transaction for more details. Here, you'll find the same information and functionality as on the main logs page.

Can I view the transaction log for a payment that failed at checkout?

Yes, we keep a log of all company transactions. Even if the customer was never created using the self-service checkout modal. Transaction logs that cannot be linked to a customer profile will have their name and Customer ID number shown as 'N/A'
You can click the transaction for more details on why the payment might have failed by inspecting the Raw payment log or the Payment gateway error response.