Tax configuration - Australia

How do I configure taxes for Australia?

Taxes for Australia must be added manually. Head to Configuration > Taxes > New Zealand > Manually add tax rates. When you're adding the tax manually, you'll need to determine the tax name - which is how it would appear to your customers - as well as the tax rate. You are able to add as many taxes as you require. For your customer's invoices, you will need to add your tax registration number. You can also edit how we label this on your invoices.

What is GST?

The Australian Goods and Service Tax (GST) is levied on physical and digital goods that are traded for consumption within Australia. If your business has a commercial presence in Australia, and your gross income is over AUD $75,000 without tax, you are recommended to register your business for GST.

In addition to this, if your company is a registered business outside of Australia and you sell digital products/services and/or low value physical goods to Australian consumers, then you should collect and remit GST. GST is set at a flat rate of 10% and is required to be included in the invoice of your product.

What is location validation?

If you turn this toggle on we will validate your customers location using their billing address as well as their IP address to ensure that they are where they say they are.

What is ABN validation?

If you turn this toggle on we will validate your customers' ABN number against the Australian Business Register.