Individual Subscriptions

Subscription details

To view the customer's individual subscription, click the 'View' button in the Subscriptions tab and this will take you to the individual subscriptions page.

Here, you can access a range of information about the subscription including any add-ons, allowances or discounts attached to it as well as any feature tags, custom fields and the events log.

The name of the customer who owns the subscription is presented in the top right hand corner of the page. Clicking on the customer's name will take you to their individual profile page where you can find more information.


The summary banner at the top of the page displays the key information regarding the subscription's activity:

  • The Status will be displayed as either Active or Inactive, dependent on the status of the subscription.

  • The Total Revenue displays the sum total amount that has been collected from the subscription altogether.

  • The Subscription Since section displays how long the customer has been subscribed to the plan.

The Subscription ID is a unique combination of letters and numbers assigned by Billsby that can also be found on this page.

Event log
The event log is the default view you will see when you access an individual's subscription.

Add ons and allowances

The Add-Ons and Allowances tab displays any add-ons or allowances that are attached to the subscription. You can edit and delete them directly on this page.

To add an add-on to a subscription click the 'Add-on' button in the menu on the top right hand side of the page. Next, select which add-on you would like to add from the dropdown list, and then use the buttons to charge the specified amount to the customer's account.

Once it has been charged to the customer's account you will be able to see a full summary of the price in the Summary tab. Likewise, once it is added to the subscription you will be able to see it in the Add-Ons tab.

To edit or delete any existing add-ons in the Add-Ons tab, use the same menu on the right hand side.

Any changes you make to a customer's subscription will be notified to them via email.


The Allowances tab displays any allowances related to a subscription. You can edit or delete them directly on this page using the menu on the top right hand side.

To add an allowance to a subscription click the 'Add Allowance' button in the menu on the top right hand side of the page and then select which add-on you would like to add from the dropdown list.

To edit or delete any existing add-ons in the Allowances tab, use the same menu on the right hand side.

Any changes you make to a customer's subscription will be notified to them via email.

Manual updates for allowances
By default we do not allow any manual updates to your customer's allowance usage on the subscriptions page, but you do have the ability to override this option and enable manual editing. To do this, simply head to the Configuration page, select Settings > Configuration > Allowances and switch this function on.

We will still use the API to track their usage, but this enables you and your teammates to make any ad hoc changes throughout the month.

By authorising manual updates for allowances you gain access to a new function on the subscriptions page. A button labelled 'Units Used' will appear next to each allowance that will enable you to update the allowance's usage directly.

To manually update a subscription's allowance on the Subscriptions page, head to the Allowances tab, select the 'Units Used' button and input the number that you want to update the counter to.

Please note, for capped allowances you won't be able to update the allowance past the capped amount.

You can cancel these updates at any time and the units used will revert back to the original amount.


The Discounts tab displays all of the discounts that have been applied to a subscription. The name of the discount, what coupon code was used, the value of the discount, when it was added and when it expires are all visible on this tab.

To add a discount to a subscription click the button labelled 'Add a Discount' in the menu on the top right hand side of the page, then choose which discount you would like to apply from the dropdown list and select whether you want the discount to be applied for a fixed period of time or over the lifetime of the plan.

To remove any existing discounts from the subscription, use the same menu on the right hand side. This action will have no effect on any discounts which have already expired.

Feature tags

The Feature Tags tab displays what feature tags are applied to the subscription as part of the selected plan. Feature tags are added during the creation of your plans, add-ons and allowances, for information about how feature tags work click here.


Feature tags are addressable by your API and can be used as verification before giving customers access to a feature.

You can add a custom feature tag specific to the subscription you have selected by clicking on the 'Add feature tag' button. Likewise, you can add and delete these from your customer's subscription on an ad hoc basis.

Cancel a subscription

Cancelling a customer’s subscription is an immediate and irreversible action. When you select ‘Cancel subscription’, you will be taken to a confirmation modal window where you will be required to select the details of the customer’s refund.

We request the customer’s ID as a way of verification, which can be found by selecting the customer’s name on the subscription page. Once the correct customer ID has been verified, and in the event you have outlined a minimum term to your customer, we may ask if you wish to override your own policy.


A customer's subscription cannot be cancelled whilst they have any 'pending' invoices. This includes invoices with the following statuses:

  • Pending
  • To be written off
  • Unpaid

Any invoices with the listed statuses must be written off before the subscription can be cancelled.

Change bill date

The change bill date function makes it easy to change when you next want a customer to be billed for their subscription.

To do this, press the 'Change bill date' button and this will open up a modal window that allows you to select a new bill date, and a subscription status

Clicking the 'New bill date' field will bring up a date picker, where you will be able to select a specific date and time you want the subscription's next bill date to be changed to.

Next, you have the option to select a status until the new bill date.
This means that you can choose whether you want the subscription's status to appear as either 'Paused' or 'Active' until the new bill date.

The change to the subscriptions bill date will come into effect immediately, and you should see the change is added to the subscription's event log.


'Paused' subscriptions

Please note that whilst a subscription's status is marked as 'Paused' you will not be able to refund an invoice for that customer. Instead, capture a negative one-time charge

Update subscription status

The update status function allows you to change the status of a customer's subscription to either 'Active' or 'Suspended'.
To manually update a subscription's status, navigate to the individual subscription and click the 'Update status' button. Here you will be able to select the status you want to update the subscription to.


The 'suspended' status mimics the 'cancelled' status so that whilst the subscription is suspended, the customer no longer has access to your company product and the subscription will not automatically renew.

When updating a subscription to 'Suspended' in the middle of a cycle, the customer will not be issued a refund for any unused days left of their subscription.
However, you are still able to manually issue a full or partial refund to the customer.

When updating a subscription to 'Active', the subscription will resume billing immediately according to your cycle configuration, and all invoices missed while the subscription was suspended will be generated and charged to the customer. If you do not wish for these invoices to be charged, you can refund these on the invoices tab of the customer account.
If the cycle is configured to renew on the 'anniversary of sign up' the date the subscription was updated to 'Active' becomes the new next bill date, and the customer will be issued a new invoice immediately.


Will the subscription status change back from 'Paused' to 'Active' automatically?

Yes, If you select the 'Paused' subscription status when changing a bill date, the subscription will display as 'paused' until the new bill date.
Then the status is automatically changed back to 'Active' when the subscription is next billed.

How do I change a subscription's status from 'suspended' to 'active'?
You can update a subscription's status by navigating to the individual subscription and clicking the 'update status' button.