Embed codes - Account management

How do I embed the self service account management?

Head to Settings > Embed codes, and then click the 'Self service' tab. Here you will find the basic embed code you need. Copy the first piece of code into the header of your website or app. Then simply copy the second piece of code where you want the manage account button to appear.

How do I use embed code to access the account of a specific customer?

If you want to tell us to access the account of a specific customer, you can use the advanced code provided to pass over the customer ID. Doing this means that we can skip the verification process and the customer won't need to sign in before they are able to manage their account.

Can I direct customers to specific actions using embed code?

Yes, if you do want to provide a button that directs to a specific action, such as updating personal details, address or payment details, you'll just need to use the code provided for these actions. If you want to direct a specific customer to a specific action, you can use both code snippets within the button code.