Declined Payment

When a customer's card is declined by the bank, this means that there is either a lack of funds in the account; the card details are incorrect; or the card has been suspended because it has been marked as lost or stolen.

You can customize the dunning flow for declined payments to include an initial email notifying the customer and up to three reattempts before cancelling the subscription. Once the final reattempt has failed, you will then need to choose how you want to write off the invoice - automatically, manually or scheduled.

Initial payment decline

It's important that as soon as a payment is declined, the customer is made aware of this fact so that they may investigate the cause of the failure and have the opportunity to rectify it before the next attempt. An automatic email is always sent to the customer to inform them of the payment decline, the contents of which you can edit using the 'Customize Email' button provided.

Once the email has been sent, you may choose whether you want to keep the subscription active, suspend it, or cancel it until the payment has been successfully processed.

It is important to note that, if you suspend the account, you will not not be able to reactivate it during the dunning flow until the payment is received.

Likewise, it is important to note that, once you choose to cancel the subscription, no further attempts will be made to retrieve the payment and the invoice will be written off as per your configured settings.


Customising the Email
The automatic email that will be sent to your customers when their payment gets declined has the subject line and copy pre-configured, but you are able to make any changes you'd like to its content. You may also configure the BCC settings so that all the necessary people in your company are alerted.

If you want to change the branding and logo, head to the Customer Experience settings as it is displaying what you have already configured there. So, make sure that this is all set up correctly.

The main preview function will display exactly what the email will look like to your customer, so that you can see if there's any changes or adjustments you'd like to make.


The email will include a link to the customer's account where they can update their payment details, which is useful for cases where the reason for the declined payment is simply out-of-date payment information. Customers are also be able to manually reattempt the payment if they believe that the issue is fixed and should be processed successfully, simply by pressing the button provided.

Attempt one, two and three

You can choose how many times you want to reattempt the payment - up to three times - before the subscription is cancelled.

You can also choose how many hours after the initial payment is declined we wait before making another attempt to capture the payment.
After each attempt, you decide the action you want to take regarding the status of the subscription; whether you want to suspend or cancel it.

Once you choose to cancel the subscription, no further attempts will be made to retrieve the payment and the invoice will be written off as per your configured settings.


You are also able to customize every email we send out, so that you may include any content and copy that is specific to your company. All emails will be branded with the guidelines set out in your Customer Experience settings.

Handling minimum terms

This feature allows you to determine how we handle a customer whose payment fails during their minimum term. By default, we will ignore the minimum term and continue the dunning flow, with regards to write-offs as per your dunning settings. You can choose whether you want us to issue a new invoice for the unpaid balance and implement minimum term fees - at which point we would then write off the original invoice.


If you want to invoice minimum terms, hit the toggle. Then, you can determine how long after the payment decline you want a new invoice generated by. To create your own copy for how you want the email to look, click the 'Customize Email' button.

Successful reattempt

In the case of a successful reattempt where the full amount is obtained, you are able to customize the email that will be sent to your customer, as well as update the status of their subscription. So, if you suspended the subscription after a previous failed attempt, you can reactivate it here.


Writing-off the invoice

If the final reattempt fails, the subscription will be cancelled and the invoice will be written off. However, you can decide whether the invoice be written-off immediately, manually or on a schedule.


If you choose to write-off invoices immediately, then it will happen automatically when the last attempt fails. Alternatively, you can choose to do this manually or schedule it to be written off at a specific date. This could be useful for you depending on how you handle your accounting.