By using email logs, you are able to keep track of all the emails that we send to your customers regarding their account. Simply navigate to the Billsby control panel and select Logs > Emails, to access them.

On this page, all of the emails we've sent on behalf of your company within the last 30 days will be displayed in a list format. By default, the emails will be displayed from the newest to the oldest.

You can use the search bar function to search for specific emails, either by subject or email. If you want to search for an individual customer using their email, then you'll need to type in the whole address, not just a partial address, in order for the system to find them.


Each email is labelled in terms of its status, based on whether the email was successfully delivered or if it failed. If an email fails, this means that either the email address is invalid or the email was rejected by the server, perhaps because the user's inbox is full.


To view an email, press the 'View' button to the right of the email you want to see. This will open a modal where the email will be displayed.

The email will display in the exact format that it was sent to your customer - except that the interactional features won't be functional. This allows you to make sure that all your communications are correct.

This feature is particularly useful if you ever have a customer that is disputing whether they received information or not, for example. In this case, you are able to simply locate their email logs and confirm whether they received the email or not, alongside viewing the content that was in the email too.

Individual email logs

If you want to locate email logs for one particular customer, rather than filtering through the general logs, you can view the customer's email logs directly on their individual customer page.


Here, you'll find the same information and functionality as in the main logs page. You'll be able to see whether the email was delivered or failed, and you can view the email by clicking on the 'View' button.