Account Cancellation

When canceling your Billsby account you will have to request cancellation, and then wait 14 days before the account can be deleted. This is period is in place to protect you from account takeover fraud, as once an account has been deleted, it can not be restored.

At the bottom of the configuration menu, there is an option to "Cancel Billsby for [company name]", clicking this will open the cancellation menu.

When a request to cancel your Billsby account has been made, all teammates will be notified by email and will have the ability to stop the cancellation request.

At any time during the 14 day holding period, you or a teammate may opt to keep your Billsby account by accessing the cancellation menu and clicking the "Id like to keep Billsby" button. This will cancel the request entirely.

After the 14-day holding period has ended, you or a teammate can permanently cancel your account by clicking the "cancel [company name's] Billsby account" button.
Your account can only be cancelled for seven days after the 14-day holding period has ended. If it is not cancelled within this seven-day time limit, you will need to request cancellation again.

All customer and company details will immediately and irreversibly be deleted upon cancellation and you will be logged out.

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