Tax configuration - New Zealand

How do I add taxes for New Zealand?

Taxes for New Zealand must be added manually. Head to Configuration > Taxes > New Zealand > Manually add tax rates.

For companies with a commercial presence in New Zealand and a gross income that's over NZ$60,000 without goods and services tax (GST) must be levied on all physical and digital goods that are traded for consumption in Australia. Since December 1 2019, all out-of-country online retailers must also collect GST on all products sold for below the low value threshold to New Zealand consumers. For luxury goods above this threshold, GST is charged and collected at the border instead.

This is why taxes must be manually configured for New Zealand.

Once you have determined the rate of sales tax you'd like to charge your customers, you will need to add your tax registration number. You will also need to specify whether you want your customers' tax registration number collected during the checkout journey or not. To do this, either hit the toggle on or off. We also support location validation on selection of the toggle.