By using transaction logs, you are able to keep track of all the individual payment transactions associated with your company. Simply navigate to the Billsby control panel and select Logs > Transactions, to access them.

On this page, all of the transactions that have occurred for your company will be displayed in a list format. By default, the transactions will be displayed from the newest to the oldest.


You can use the search bar function to search for specific transactions, either by name, reference number, or customer ID.
Each transaction is labelled in terms of its status, based on whether the payment was successfully processed, if it has been declined, failed, or is still Pending

Most credit card transactions will only be available once the payment request has been completed. If an invoice is still pending, we won't be able to display the individual transaction just yet. Transactions that require customer authentication such as payments that have been subject to Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) may be marked as 'Pending' until it has been authenticated by the customer and processed.

'Failed' transactions often occur when a customer's card is declined for a reason that is not their fault - for example, the bank's system might be down, the payment gateway could not request the transaction, or there might have been a technical error. Whilst 'Declined' transactions often occur when the customer's bank card is declined due to incorrect details, a lack of funds, or the card being marked as lost or stolen.

You can also filter the table by customer ID. When a transaction is linked to an existing customer in Billsby, we will show their customer name and customer ID number. If a transaction cannot be linked to a customer, this means that the failed payment prevented their customer profile from being created. For example, if they tried to purchase a subscription through your checkout, but their payment was declined.

Individual transaction logs

To view a transaction log, click the '>' icon to the right of the log you want to see. This will open a modal where the transaction's details will be displayed.

You'll be able to see the Spreedly reference number associated with the transaction, and the raw Spreedly payment log. This contains all of the details on the transaction we were provided by your payment gateway to help you troubleshoot any potential issues causing payments to fail.

If a payment has failed, you can use the raw payment log to look for the error code provided by the payment gateway and any additional responses they might have provided. Typically you will be able to look at your payment gateway's documentation to find more information on individual error codes.

For our users who process payments with or Stripe, we're able to provide some of that additional information right in the modal to make resolving any payment issues easier.
By expanding the Payment gateway response code section, you'll be able to see the error code returned with the transaction and descriptions or suggestions to help complete the payment.


We'll be adding this support for more gateways in the near future.

We've provided more information on identifying Failed payments using the transaction logs to help you troubleshoot any potential issues, and complete the payment.

Linked transactions

If you want to locate transaction logs for one particular customer, rather than filtering through the general logs, you can view the customer's linked transactions directly on their individual customer page.


Here. you'll find the same functionality as the main logs page. You'll be able to see whether the transaction was successful, declined, or failed.

Navigate to the 'Invoices' tab, and click on the 'Linked transactions' to show all transactions linked to the invoice. You can then view the transaction details by clicking the '>' icon.