Tax configuration - United States

How do I configure taxes for United States?

To configure taxes for the United States, head to Configuration > Taxes > United States. Here you will have two options to choose from: Integrate with your own TaxJar account or let Billsby calculate the correct taxes for you. We recommend TaxJar which you can try for free and is easily integrated with Billsby.

What is TaxJar?

With TaxJar, you can automate sales tax reporting and filing for various regions. You can sign up to TaxJar in just a couple of minutes. Integrating TaxJar with Billsby is super easy!

What are Automatic Tax Calculations by Billsby?

This is an additional service that we offer to calculate your sales tax for only $0.02 per transaction. Please note that this cost is not included with your plan. In order to qualify for our automatic tax calculations offer, you must only have one nexus. So this option wouldn't be suitable if you have more than one nexus, or if you use Fulfilment by Amazon for example.

To use Automatic Tax Calculations by Billsby for US taxes, head to Configuration > Taxes > United States > Let Billsby calculate the correct taxes for you.

How do I remove my TaxJar account?

If you have configured your TaxJar account for US taxes in Billsby and would like to remove it, navigate to Settings > Configuration > Taxes > United States. Then on the modal that opens, click where it says '[Company name]'s TaxJar' to expand the section. You'll then see a Delete button in the top right.