What is a product?

What you would describe as your Product in Billsby depends on what sort of product or service you're offering, and whether or not you're offering it in multiple countries. Essentially, your Product is a collection of plans that your subscribers will sign up for. The easiest way for you to understand how this works is by checking some worked examples in our Products documentation.

What's the difference between product name and display name?

The product name is to help you identify it while managing your account. Whereas the display name is the name that your customers will see when they are browsing your website/app.

What is product visibility?

Product visibility determines if and where your plan can be sold. There are four potential visibility states:

  • If your product is Public, all of your customers are able to see and purchase your product.
  • You'd set your product to internal visibility for retention products or products that are simply no longer on sale.
  • Hidden products are useful for when you have promotional plans that you only want to offer to certain customers.
  • You would set your product to off-sale if it's an archived product that is no longer available.

Can I add a product image?

Yes! You can upload an image to be shown to customers in the checkout and self service account management. In step 1 of creating a product, just hit the 'Product image' toggle and then upload your image. Files must be a minimum of 400 x 400 in size and high resolution .png or .jpeg files work best - we’ll resize to suit.

Do I need to create a separate product for each country I do business in?

Currency is defined at product level so you'll need to create a product for each country you do business in - unless you are charging in the same currency across countries.

How do I delete a product?

To delete a product you just need to find the product you wish to get rid of in Products > Products, plans and cycles, and hit the 'Delete' button to the right hand side of the product. Once deleted, your customers will no longer be able to sign-up to that product - with immediate effect.

What currency should I choose for my product?

When you create your product you'll need to chose a currency from the dropdown. This is the currency that you'll use to charge your subscribers. Currency is defined at product level, so you'll need to create a separate product for each currency you want to charge in. Your product currency should be the currency used in the country that your product will be sold. Or, if you're charging your subscribers in one currency for all countries, you would simply use this.

Can I change my product's currency?

Once you've created your product the currency cannot be changed. If you need a product with a different currency, you'll need to create a new one.

Can I re-order my products?

Whilst you can re-order your plans using the 'Re-order plans' button, your products will appear in the checkout alphabetically.