What are allowances?

Allowances are a feature of Billsby that allows you to add attachments to one of your plans - you can either charge for them, or include them for free. Unlike add-ons however, they are billed in arrears - based on how much your customers used in the previous cycle.

How can I create an allowance?

You can create allowances by heading to Products > Allowances. On this page, you can also take a look at examples of how other companies utilise allowances.

How do I link an allowance to a plan?

If you head to Products > Allowances you can add an allowance to one of your plans. You either need to create an add-on by selecting 'Add a new allowance' in the top right hand corner of the screen. In the allowance creation process step 2 will let you attach your allowance to a plan.

If the allowance already exists, simply hit 'Edit' on the allowance and you'll see a list of all the plans with the selected allowance. Just hit 'Add a plan' and you'll see all the plans that you can attach to the allowance.

Can I change the pricing model of an allowance?

No, once you have selected a pricing model, this cannot be changed without creating a new allowance.

How do I delete an allowance?

To delete an allowance, the allowance must not be linked to any of your plans. To unlink plans from your allowance, head Products > Allowances > Edit and scroll to the 'Plans with this allowance' section. Here you can remove the plans that are linked to the allowance using the red trash can icon to the right of the plans. Once you have removed all linked plans, hit save changes and you will be able to delete the allowance from the Allowances menu.

Can I add an allowance image?

Yes! You can upload an image to be shown to customers in the checkout and self-service account management. In step 1 of creating an allowance, just hit the 'Allowance image' toggle and then upload your image. Files must be a minimum of 400 x 400 in size and high resolution .png or .jpeg files work best - we’ll resize to suit.