Update customer response to custom fields

You can use this API to update the answer you or the customer provided for a custom field question down-the-line. This is useful if you're using custom fields to synchronise IDs between your internal systems or just if you need to keep this information evergreen.

Use the body parameter to input your desired response and we'll return the details of the custom field as well as your updated response so you can double check it is correct.

To complete this request you need to get the custom field response ID - the unique identifier for an individual customers response to a question. You can get this from the API Get Customer response to custom fields.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
customFieldIdThe unique ID of the custom field
typeThe type of custom field; SingleLineTextField = 0, MultiLineTextField = 1, CheckboxField = 2, DatePickerField = 3, NumbersField = 4, DropdownField = 5
labelTitle of the custom field
descriptionDescription of the custom field
optionsA comma separated list of option titles for DropdownField type
compulsoryIs the custom field compulsory; true or false
valueThe custom field response
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