Create a cycle

Create a cycle for a specific plan

This query allows you to create a cycle for a plan, without using the Billsby application.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
cycleIdUnique identifier on the Billsby platform for the cycle
planIdThe unique identifier of the plan in the Billsby platform
pricingModelThe pricing model of the cycle
frequencyThe frequency of the billing cycle
frequencyTypeThe frequency type; days, months, years, etc.; Daily = 1, Weekly = 2, Monthly = 3, Yearly = 4
freeTrialDoes the plan have a free trial
freeTrialFrequencyTypeThe length of the free trial; Daily = 1, Weekly = 2, Monthly = 3, Yearly = 4
setupFeePriceThe price of the set up fee for the plan
freeQuantityQuantity of free units
billingDateTypeThe type of billing date for the plan; on the anniversary of the customer signing up or on a fixed day. Anniversary = 1, FixedDayEachMonth = 2, FixedDayOfTheWeek = 3
fixedBillingDateDayThe fixed billing date if there is one
proRateOptionThe chose option for pro-rating; DoNotProRate = 1, DoNotChargeUntilNextCycle = 2, ProRateBasedOnDaysRemaining = 3
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