Product details

Get the details of a specific product

This API returns a list of details for a specific product.

To find your product ID, navigate to the embed code page in the Billsby portal. If you scroll down on this page you'll find a lookup tool for product, plan and cycle IDs. Click on the dropdown to find the product you would like to get details on - this will be the number contained within the code given here. So if the code for your product is "Product - tiered - 273 - 0", then your product ID is 273. Alternatively, you can use the Get List products API to return a list of all products with associated IDs.

Returned Variables

Variable nameDescription
isAnyCountryAllowedThis tells you whether or not you have allowed billing and shipping addresses of customer's to be from any country; true or false
countrySettingsFor each country you'll see the country ISO3 code and whether or not you are giving permission from this country code; true or false
productIdThe unique identifier of the product in the Billsby platform
nameThe name of the product
visibilityThe visibility you have defined for your product; public, hidden, internal or off-sale
billingCurrencyThe billing currency of the product
displayNameThe display name of the product
descriptionThe product description
typeOfProductThe product type; tiered or multi-SKU
hasPlansThe product has plans associated with it; true or false
isShippingAddressRequiredDo you require a shipping address as well as a billing address; true or false
isShippingAddressValidationRequiredDo you require shipping address validation; true or false
isBillingAddressValidationRequiredDo you require billing address validation; true or false
isAdditionalEmailRequiredDo you require an additional email address validation; true or false
isPhoneNumberRequiredDo you require a phone number; true or false
isMarketingConsentRequiredDo you require marketing consent; true or false
numberOfPlansThe number of plans associated with this product
alertEmailThe alert email that has been set for this product
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