Customer payment logs

This request returns the payment details for a specific customer payment, including the details about the payment gateway, the payment method used, and the status of the payment.

It won't return any other information about the invoice, such as the invoice total and tax amount, so you'll need to use the Get Individual invoices API for this. Or if you can sue the Get Customer invoices API to get information on a specific customer's invoices.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
paymentLogIdUnique ID of the log
createdOnThe date and time that the log was created
gatewayIdThe payment gateway ID used for this transaction
gatewayNameThe name of the payment gateway
referenceThe token generated in Stripe (or other payment gateway) as a reference for this payment
paymentMethodThe type of payment card used fo the transactions; Visa, Mastercard, etc.
statusThe status of the payment; success or failed
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