Subscription details

This query gets individual subscription details using the unique identifier provided in the Billsby platform

This query gets a list of all the details for individual subscriptions in your account, including the details about the customer, the plan and the product.

For a list of all subscriptions associated with your company account, use the Get Subscriptions API.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescriptionDescription
companyCurrencystringThe company's currency
contractMinimumTermEnddatetimeThe date when the minimum contract ends. Date is in UTC.
createdOndatetimeThe date the subscription is created. The date is in UTC.
currencystringThe subscription's currency
customerEmailstringThe customer's registered email address
customerFullnamestringThe customer's full name
customerIdintegerThe unique numerical identifier of the customer in Billsby
customerUniqueIdstringThe unique alphanumeric identifier of the customer in Billsby
cycleIdintegerThe subscription's current cycle's identifier
cycleIdNextintegerThe cycle identifier that will be the new subscription's cycle after the next billing date.
isBillingAddressValidationRequiredbooleanFlag that indicates whether the billing address validation is required
isShippingAddressRequiredbooleanFlag for whether shipping address is required
isShippingAddressValidationRequiredbooleanFlag for whether shipping address validation is required
nextBillingAmountintegerThe amount for the next billing. Amount is multiplied by 100. ($30.10 is 3010)
nextBillingAmountFormattedstringThe formatted amount of nextBillingAmount
nextBillingDatedatetimeThe date of the next billing
nextCycleRecurringBillingAmountstringThe recurring amount for the next cycle
nextPlanPricingModelplanPricingModel (see PlanPricingModel below)The pricing model for the next plan that will be implemented when the next billing comes. This will have a value if the plan is changed for the subscription.
planIdintegerThe unique identifier of the plan in Billsby
planNamestringThe name of the plan associated with the subscription
planPricingModelplanPricingModel (see PlanPricingModel below)The currently implemented pricing model for the subscription.
productIdintegerThe unique identifier of the product in Billsby
productNamestringThe name of the product associated with the subscription
productVisibilityenumThe product visibility

statusenumThe status of the subscription

subscriptionIdintegerThe unique numerical identifier of the subscription
subscriptionUniqueIdstringThe unique alphanumeric identifier of the subscription.
totalRevenueintegerTotal revenue received from the subscription. Amount is multiplied by 100. ($30.10 is 3010)
totalRevenueFormattedstringFormatted totalRevenue based on currency (e.g: $10)
unitsintegerNumber of units of the plan selected
unitsNextintegerThe unit configured that will activate after the next billing.
visibilityenumThe plan's visibility



Variable nameData typeDescription
billingDateTypeenumThe billing date type. This value represents when will the billing be each cycle.

Anniversary - same day as the signup date every cycle. (e.g: A user who signed up on August 4 with a monthly cycle will have their next billing on Sept 4)

FixedDayEachMonth - Fixed date every month (e.g: Plan has a fixed billing every Sept 4. User signed up on August 28. The next billing is Sept 4)

FixedDayOfEachWeek - Similar to FixedDateEachMonth but only enabled when frequencyType is Monthly

FixedDayEachYear - may be selected when frequencyType is set to Yearly. Billing will be the same day every year.
contractTermintegerThis is the minimum length of time a customer must hold your plan before they can cancel it. The represents the number of days, weeks, months or years depending on the contractTermFrequencyType.
contractTermFrequencyTypeenumIn combination with contractTerm, this indicates how long the minimum term is.

Values may be

fixedBillingDateDayintegerThe day of the cycle when the billing will happen.
fixedBillingDateMonthintegerThe month when the billing will happen. This is filled up only when the cycle is set to Yearly.
freeQuantityintegerUnit-based plans may included free units with the plan.
freeTrialintegerRepresents the number of days, weeks, months or years. Works with freeTrialFrequencyType
freeTrialFrequencyTypeenumThe frequency type for the free trial

frequencyintegerThe plan's frequency. Represents the number of days, weeks, months or years. Works with frequencyType.
frequencyTypeenumThe plan's frequency type.

pricingModelIdintegerThe unique identifier for the pricing model.
proRateOptionenum | nullThe prorating configured for the plan.

setupFeePriceintegerThe setup fee price. The original value is multiplied by 100. (e.g: $40.20 will be 4020)
setupFeePriceFormattedstringFormatted setup fee price based on the subscription's currency. (e.g: $40.20)
tiersTier[ ] (see Tier below)The pricing definition broken down by tier.
priceintegerThe plan's price for flatfee pricing model. The original value is multiplied by 100. (e.g: $40.20 will be 4020)
priceFormattedstringFormatted price


Tiers are used for unit-based pricing models (per unit, volume, tiered, ranged). Tiers describe a set of ranges and the price for each range. (e.g: 1 - 10 units for $10, 11 - 20 units for $8)

startintegerThe start of the tier
finishintegerThe end of one tier
priceintegerThe price of the tier. The price is multiplied by 100. The original value is multiplied by 100. (e.g: $40.20 will be 4020)
priceFormattedstringFormatted price based on the subscription's currency. (e.g: $10)
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