Clear customer data (GDPR)

The clear customer data API may be used to remove any personal information we hold on your customers, without deleting them. Due to GDPR we're required to remove a customers data from our database at their request and so this allows you to do so, without having to delete all of their past subscription data.

This is useful because by keeping your customers subscription data, you'll be able to include them in your reporting statistics to get a more accurate overview of your company's performance and statistics.

The returned values fo this API should show "gdpr" in place of all personal details held for the customer.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
companyCurrencyThe currency that the company is billed in
totalAmountPaidThe total amount the customer has paid so far for their subscription(s)
averageAmountPerMonthThe average amount the customer pays per month for their subscription(s)
cardStatusThe status of the card held on file:

customerTaxRegNumberThe customers alphanumeric tax registration number
customerUniqueIdThe unique alphanumeric identifier of the customer in the Billsby platform
firstNameThe customer's first name
lastNameThe customer's last name
billingAddressThe customer's billing address
emailThe customer's registered email address
additionalEmailAny additional email address held for the customer
phoneNumberDialCountryThe registered country of the customer's phone number
phoneNumberDialCodeThe country code of the customer's phone number
phoneNumberThe customer's phone number
isMarketingConesentGivenDoes the product request marketing consent from the customer when it is added through Billsby Checkout:

createdOnThe date on which the customer account was created
statusThe status of the customer:

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