Company invoices

Get a list of your company's invoices

This API returns a list of your companies invoices. You'll get information on the customer associated with the invoice and the amount and currency. You won't get a full spectrum of information on the individual customers here but you can use the Get Customer details API to find more details - just use the Customer ID variable.

Credit notes are returned in pages. The first part of the results describes which page you're on, the total number of pages, the size of the page and how many rows are in the page. Then, each result is provided within the array.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
invoiceIdThe unique identifier of the invoice in Billsby
invoiceNumberUnique ID for invoices. They should be a code followed by a number, which is a counter of previous invoices.
customerIdThe unique identifier of the customer in Billsby
customerUniqueIdA more readable unique identifier of the customer
customerFirstNameThe customer's first name
customerLastNameThe customer's last name
customerFullNameThe customer's full name
createdOnThe date that the invoice was created
amountThe amount of the invoice as integer data type. The amount is multiplied by 100 so that decimal place will be whole numbers. (ie: $10 is 1000)
formattedAmountThe amount formatted in the currency it is in. (i.e: $10)
statusThe status of the invoice: paid, unpaid or pending
currencyThe currency the invoice was issued in
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