Customer details

This query gets individual customer details using the unique identifier provided in the Billsby platform

This query gets a list of all the details held for individual customers in your account, including their personal details and details about their payment details on file. It doesn't return information on the customers subscriptions, for this you'll need to use the Get Customer subscriptions API.

Returned variables

Variable nameDescription
companyCurrencyThe currency that the company is billed in
totalAmountPaidThe total amount the customer has paid so far for their subscription(s)
averageAmountPerMonthThe average amount the customer pays per month for their subscription(s)
cardStatusThe status of the card held on file:

customerUniqueIdThe unique identifier of the customer in the Billsby platform
firstNameThe customer's first name
lastNameThe customer's last name
billingAddressThe customer's billing address
emailThe customer's registered email address
additionalEmailAny additional email address held for the customer
phoneNumberThe customer's phone number
phoneNumberDialCodeThe country code of the customer's phone number
phoneNumberDialCountryThe registered country of the customer's phone number
isMarketingConsentGivenDoes the product request marketing consent from the customer when it is added through Billsby Checkout:

createdOnThe date on which the customer account was created
statusThe status of the customer:

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