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Frictionless temporary customers

I am integrating Billsby into multi-player games. During game startup I will check if the player is subscribed. The games have a trial period and Billsby Plans can handle that well with trial period features. But to do that, even a brand new user running the game for the very first time must create an account with a trial period, which will be a deterrent to the user. Users don't want to enter an email address and payment info just to do a trial. I would like to create a completely transparent, no-friction way to get them into the trial period, use Billsby to track the trial period, and then require them to create an account once the trial period is over. "Friction free" means not having to explicitly create a user ID (that they are aware of anyway), not have to enter an email address, and certainly not enter payment information. Ideally I would create a temporary Billsby customer the user would never know about, subscribe that user to a plan with 0 cost and a trial period, and store that customer ID locally to validate them every time they start the game. When the trial period has expired the game program would direct them to create an account, provide full info including email address and payment info, and delete the temporary customer in Billsby. But it doesn't appear it's possible to do it in that way, since creating a customer requires address, email, and payment info. Is there some way to accomplish what I'm trying to do -- use Billsby to track a trial period for a specific customer in some way, but with a zero-friction user experience until the trial period is over?

Posted by Joe 6 months ago